Lunch Date

On Monday, one of my girlfriends came over with her two kids, one of which I taught two years ago. They brought a surprise with them, another kiddo from our class who I have not seen since the last day of school (two years ago!). It was so nice to see Olivia after all this time. She is still the same sweet girl that I taught. I love the fact that I have kept in touch with some of my families over the years and feel fortunate to be able to watch the kids grow up to be the wonderful, compassionate “big kids” that they have become. I really feel when you can connect with your students on a more personal note….inviting them to your house, taking them to McDonald’s….anything that is outside of school….it brings you closer to them and it quickly reflects in their academics. I loved being able to spend one-on-one time with my kids…whether it be having lunch in the classroom with them, morning donut dates, or reading time with Tivo. I love being at home with my two girls, but really miss teaching (especially teaching reading). I have been contemplating putting my resume back into the county to see if there is a part time position that is a good fit. It has to be the perfect fit that would allow me to do what I love to do, but not take away from my family. So we will see:) What ever happens is meant to be. Below are some pictures from my lunch date with Angie and the girls (and Dylan).

Me, Angie, and Campbell

Dylan and Tivo hanging out. Isn’t Tivo just the best dog!?

Addisan ran over to make sure she was in the picture with the big girls. She wore her underwear proud in this picture in the midst of her potty training.

Angie and the Big C.

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