Little Friends From Home

Addisan and Jack in the sack together.

The past few weeks, we have seen so many friends from home. I have LOVED it! A few of my friends have commented that Richmond is not my home and I need to stop referring to NoVA as my home. But, home is where your heart is…and it is not fully in Richmond yet. I have been fortunate to have so many friends that I am extremely close to and think of them more as family than as friends. Friends can come and go, but family is with you through the good times and bad. Through those good times and bad….my friends became my family. Having children of my own
now, I wish we were closer to each other for them to have an opportunity to become the next generation of “non related family.” Below are pictures of some of the play dates….

Jack just taking it all in.
Campbell beginning to wake up and eat AGAIN!

J.T. pretending to put Vaseline on his face. He loves his lotion just like his mama:)

All three kids playing together.

Gavin very secure with his masculity and holding the pink bus with pride.

Addisan pushing her baby in her shopping cart.

J.T. and Gavin watching the school bus drop off the kids in the neighborhood.
Drew and Addisan being forced to hold hands for a photo op.

Julie and Addisan playing on the slide.

Marissa, Julie, and Addisan enjoying lunch together.

Bradley and Addisan enjoying crackers and Curious George.

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