Tea for Two….I Mean Tea for Five

For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do something special with Addisan. I am trying to put more emphasis on giving her experiences than material things. So we went to this quaint little tea house in Richmond called Huckleberries. It was fabulous! While I was getting ready this morning for our afternoon tea, Addisan was in the bathroom with me and wanted to do all the “girly” things I was doing. So today, she put on perfume and lip gloss for the first time. In addition, she insisted on wearing a necklace once she saw me wearing one. I thought to myself, this is just one of the many special moments to come with mother daughter bonding. To make the afternoon even more special, we invited our friends who live across the street to have tea with us. We had such a fun time with Pam, Patricia, and Mary Anne. The atmosphere was lovely, the company was great, and the food was delicious…and very reasonably priced I might add. Here are some pictures from our tea with the girls.

The queen and princess #1 of the Taylor Household.
The queen and the princesses of the DeRidder House.

Pam and I wearing our tiaras with pride.

All the girls looking glam!

Addisan diving into Savannah Cake.

The girls right after they received their tiaras.

Pipi taking a moment for a photo op.

Addisan using the packs of sugar as musical shakers.

Mary Anne trying to help Addsisan look like a rock star.

The three girls taking a break from shopping in the Garden Room of the tea house.

Addisan posing before leaving for the tea house.

I just love my little girl!

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