Put on your Overalls…We are going to Culpeper

On Sunday, I took both kids to Pop-Pop and Baby’s house in Culpeper. Both kids did fabulous in the car, especially since this was their first road trip together and I was by myself. I am happy to report that I did not pick up any stray dogs this time on our way over to their house. This is how we ended up with Daizee…and so glad that we did! Here are some pictures from our fun day…

Here is Lucky. They got him my freshman year at JMU and he just turned 14.

Baby getting some snuggling in with Campbell.

Pop-Pop reading The Napping House to Addisan. This is one of my all time favorite children’s books.

Addisan really got into it.

My dad brought up one of the rocking horses that he made. Addisan LOVED it!

Addisan made herself right at home once we got there.

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