The Cat in the Hat is Back

Pottery Barn Kids at Short Pump had a Dr. Seuss celebration for his birthday. I took Addisan and it was packed! They started off with one of the employees reading some Dr. Seuss classics. She was not into it because of the crowd and the noise…so we went to play with the doll house instead. That was much more her speed. When the stories were done, we were the first ones to see the Cat in the Hat walk through the doors. The manager knew how patiently Addisan was waiting and how the crowds were so overwhelming for her and made sure she was the first one to shake his hand. I just thought that was so sweet. I was surprised that she was not freaked out by the costume. She is getting better and better with situations like this. Maybe one day soon…we can take on Disney World with all the characters!

The Cat and the Hat coming to greet us.

Addisan playing near the doll house.

Addisan outside by the fountain before we left.

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