Easter with the Girls…and Bunny Tommy

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We had a great Easter. The weather was perfect again! We had a nice relaxing day by starting off the day seeing what was in our Easter baskets. Since Addisan really doesn’t know that the Easter Bunny is suppose to bring mainly candy, we filled up her basket with $1 items from Target (oh how I love that aisle). The girls got some Sesame Street books, hair doodles, fun headbands, sidewalk chalk, a ring toss, and a few other odds and ends. They also got one Reeces Egg to eat…and since Campbell cannot eat hers, I ate it for her:) We then went to Huguenot Park. It is one of my newest discoveries in Richmond. It was disigned to accomodate handicap children by allowing them ramp access to get onto the platforms as well as has special swings and sandboxes. I just think it is such an awesome concept! In the evening, we went out to dinner with Popeye and Ju-Ju. It was nice not to have to prepare and clean up after a holiday meal! When we returned home, we went on an Easter egg hunt. Instead of putting candy in the eggs, we put pennies in them to make wishes at the fountain at the mall. We are trying to encourage better eating habits with the girls than what Tommy and I currently practice (though we are making healthier choices each week!). I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful family.

The girls’ baskets.

Campbell and her Easter bunny that sings.

Campbell and Ju-Ju bonding.

Popeye and Addisan opening up their Easter bags.

This is the shirt she received for Easter that we had to physically leave Gymboree because she wanted to try it on with the shorts….and when I told her we couldn’t do that at the moment because we had a fussy baby and meeting people for lunch….she threw herself on the floor. Oh how this girl loves bling…especially when it is on her clothes like this one shirt!

I love this picture because Addisan looks so grown up.

Tivo sporting his Easter spirit. Isn’t he just the best dog!?

Here is the prettiest Easter flower.

Addisan diving into her basket.

Pictures from the park.

Here are some pictures from Baby and Pop Pop’s Easter visit. Addisan LOVED the foam ABC and number puzzles that they got her…I think they might have been her favorite gift.

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