Play, Play, Play…and Play

I thought I enjoyed plays, but I think Addisan has me beat.  She has always been very into the arts and drama.  Not sure how she is my kid  sometimes considering I grew up in a swim cap and cleats year round:)  I really do enjoy going to the theater and do my best to take Addisan (and Campbell) as much as possible.  I try to rationalize it to Tommy by reminding him that we seldom go to the movies (unless it is at the Byrd Theater which tickets are $1.99) and that we are not ones who indulge our kids with purchasing toys throughout the year.  

So today we went to go see Madeline’s Christmas at the Barksdale Theater. This theater is very small and intimate.  The performance was amazing, considering 12 of the main characters were young girls.  Madeline herself was unbelievable.  When leaving, Addisan asked if she could return to SPARC for the hope of one day being able to take part in a performance like this.  

One of my goals this year is to get more family shots and not to worry (too much) how I look in pictures.

Yesterday, we went up to the Kennedy Center (one of my favorite places) to see an Eric Carle series at their Family Theater with some of our friends.  Eric Carle is one of my all time favorite children’s authors.  This puppet crew was from Scandinavia and used black lights to make their puppets glow.  It was AMAZING.  They performed The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Brown Bear; and Papa, Get Me the Moon.

Tommy and his girls before the perfomance.  They have him wrapped around their little fingers.

Campbell exhausted from all the picture taking.

Some girl time.

The girls watching their first snowfall of the season…on the rooftop at the Kennedy Center. 

It is hard to see, but there are snowflake images floating on the ceiling.

All the kids after the show.  It amazes me that they are all actually looking at the camera.

In the beginning of December, Addisan and I went to our annual performance of The Nutcracker.  She has been going since she was 2 1/2 and looks forward to each year.  It amazes me how two kids can be so different.  Campbell, at the age of 4, still could not sit through this lengthy show.  We invited our friends to go with us this year.  We had a wonderful picnic that we brought from home on the rooftop and this was our view….not too shabby!

We have seen more plays this month than we have all year long.  The last play that we saw was How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  It was awesome.  I was a little nervous because it was on a school night at 7:30.  The girls were rock stars!!  I was glad we went on a weeknight because the weekend shows had technical difficulty and the lights went out.  They were not able to get them back on!  

Of course, The Grinch and Max had to join us.

Campbell was asleep within minutes of leaving the performance.  I bet she was dreaming of snow!

We are now in the process of finalizing our plans to see Mary Poppins in February.  This will be my second time seeing it and I am soooo excited.  It is one of my favorite stories of all times!

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