This was NO Beach Trip!

Boy…I am so overdue with my blog entries!!! I am going to start with the present with our eventful weekend and work backwards:)

Well….we went on a four night, five day stay at Chippenham Hospital. This was unexpected and totally out of the blue. It all started last Wednesday when Addisan developed a tickle in her throat. I contributed it to allergies since our windows were open and seasonal allergies are not unusual for her. This continued until Friday afternoon. My happy girl was not singing, dancing. wearing her tutus, and enjoying her favorite lunch (pizza) with two of her favorite people…Justin and Lexi from next door. Then when she fell asleep two hours earlier than her regular nap time, I knew something was up. I confirmed my hunch when she threw up. I was thinking that it might be the flu. I decided to let her continue with her nap and reassess when she woke up. When she got up, you could see her chest cave in severely when she breathed. I thought we had another case of RSV, but I was sadly mistaken.

When we got to the pediatrician’s office, we only had half an hour to spare before it closed. She was talking the doctor’s and nurse’s ears off. You could not tell she was sick. The nap totally rejuvenated her. To make a long story short, they tested her for strep and it was positive. Then they proceeded to test her oxygen levels and they were really….REALLY low….toxic low. Her readings were in the low 80s (as oppose to the norm being 95 or higher) and both the nurse and the doctor kept on retesting her because the levels did not match her energy and enthusiasm. They decided to send us to the pediatric ER at Chippenham for x-rays and further evaluation.

Before I went to the ER, I dropped Campbell off with Popeye and picked up JuJu to go with us. I was so impressed with the ER! We were diagnosed with pneumonia, had x-rays, and two breathing treatments within the first hour of our arrival. Up home, we never could have received such rapid care. By 11:00 that night we were in her hospital room where we would be spending the next couple of nights. We had such awesome doctors and nurses. Addisan was a trooper and took her meds and IVs with ease. The only thing she truly hated was the oxygen in her nose. One night, it took me, Tommy, and two nurses to hold her down to tape it on her cheeks in order for her to keep it on. This girl’s threshold for pain never ceases to surprise me. She is such a tough cookie!

Addisan Saturday morning (her first morning). She was so unresponsive and in a daze. You would ask her a question and she would just look at you and not answer. Even when her friends brought in donuts and gifts, she showed no interest in them. She was so pathetic.

This is an outfit that Aunt Boop brought Addisan in the hospital. Between her new threads and a bath, she was starting to come alive again by late Saturday afternoon.
Aunt Lora and Uncle Carl came to visit. Addisan had to wear a mask while in the hall. She asked Lora to wear a mask too, which it made it less scary for her to have a mask on. Tommy got the job of walking her with the IV cart.
Addisan insisted on bringing her purse with her to go see the fish in the hall.

Addisan catching up on some sleep Sunday morning. We had a rough night the night before getting her to keep her oxygen in her nose.

Addisan and Daddy playing Backyardigans.

Addisan LOVED playing in the playroom next door to her hospital room. They had movies, blocks, dollhouses…EVERYTHING!

Addisan loved this little car. We would go up and down the hallway each day.

JuJu and Addisan enjoying some time together.

We are now home and have already had our follow-up with our pediatrician. She is doing so much better and can resume normal activity. We are now trying to get our little princess back to reality where she can no longer watch TV until she goes to bed and she cannot get what she wants when she wants it like in the hospital. We want to thank everyone again for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!

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