Snapshots of Summer

IMG_1757IMG_1742I took the girls to the Virginia Safari by Natural Bridge to see all the animals. It was a blast. We went with Samantha, Kris….and of course Campbell.

Addisan went to camp at Romp and Roll this summer and loved it. Campbell loved it too because she got to enjoy Open Gym hours in the evenings.
Lots and lots of laughter and giggles when daddy was home!

Campbell is not enjoying that neglecto-saucer quite as much since she started crawling.

Addisan loves her tu-tus and dance class that she started this summer at The Little Gym.

They started taking baths together this summer and LOVE it! There are no toys in the tub and they just make each other laugh splashing and playing Peek-a-boo.

One Saturday when Tommy had to work, I took the girls to Culpeper to visit Baby (this is what Addisan calls my mom) and have tea with her and Cousin Samantha at my favorite tea house. We all had such a good time.

With Tommy being gone during the week, it was too hard to take both kids to the pool by myself. So we got a kiddie pool for those warm summer days.

Addisan dressed up as a cowgirl for the Charter Colony parade for her American Hero. She loved being with all of her friends in the parade.

We took some trips to the zoo and had such a blast. I ended up getting a season pass and hope to go again in the fall before it gets too cold.

Addisan loved the new addition to the front porch…the sand table.

We played LOTS of dress up!

With Tommy working back up in Northern Virginia, leaves me very little time to sit down on my computer and blog these days. Plus, I taught preschool for the county this past summer as well which made time even more limited. I have to say though, I loved returning to teaching even for that short bit and found preschool to be right up my ally! I hated leaving my girls for those five weeks, but it was nice to help with additional income while doing something I loved.

So here are some snapshots of our summer. I tried to plan extra special somethings since I was gone AND Tommy. Tommy leaves for work before the girls wake up on Monday morning and returns after they are in bed on Friday nights. Then, he even has to work some Saturdays. We are all getting into a better groove with this new arrangement, but it sure is difficult. I try to count my blessings and remind myself he now has a job and to be grateful for that. We are hoping for the next job to be with us:)

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