It’s that time of year again….Apple Donuts!


Aunt Lora and I took the girls apple picking up at Carter’s Mountain on Tuesday. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was magnificent! It was a little warmer than I expected and I got a good work out pushing Campbell in the stroller. I should have brought the jogging stroller! We picked six scrumptious apples, had a picnic, ate ice cream, and brought some apple donuts home with us. The baker was not working the day we were there. When the baker is not working, the donuts are prepackaged. DON’T BOTHER GETTING THEM! They are not nearly as good as getting them fresh. I was so disappointed! But seeing Addisan loving the day there was worth it!! Below are some more pictures of our day trip. I am hoping to add some more from Aunt Lora. She took such awesome ones!

Campbell - Pumpkin
Campbell loved being out of the stroller and crawling around the pumpkins.

These are the cutest apple worms ever!

Addisan loved helping Campbell with reaching her pumpkins.

A priceless moment!


She would pull with all she had to get those apples down!

Campbell watching her big sister pick apples.


What a great view from up on top of the orchard!

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