Happy 3rd Birthday Addisan!


Addisan the morning of her birthday getting ready to open her gift from us.



Addisan sporting her gift from the morning….a Birthday Girl shirt to wear for her special day.  I get one for her every year from Gymboree.  After she opened it, she hopped down from her chair and gave us both a hug and thanked us over and over.  She is the sweetest girl and it made our day to see her excitement.  Now, I get to pass these shirts down to Campbell.


Addisan turned the big 3 on October 2.  We had three birthday celebrations for her.  By the time the last party was done, I was pooped! 


The first party we had was a party for all the neighborhood kids and my former first graders who are now in fourth grade.   Addisan is the youngest on the street and all the older kids love on her so much.  We are so lucky to live in such a great neighborhood.  We made the party really low key with a cup cake and sundae decorating bar.  Having the kids decorate their own got me out of frosting and decorating all 48 cupcakes!  We asked our friends not to bring gifts, but if they insisted on bringing something, they brought a new or gently used book for the Chippenham Hospital pediatric wing where Addisan stayed in the beginning of September.  We printed out labels for the kids to put inside the books and write their name in for the donation.  I have to be honest,  Addisan does not need anything and I hate trying to make space for new “treasures.”  Tommy and I did get her something to open and keep that night.  We got her a wooden ballerina doll that came with magnetic clothes.  She loves changing her clothes and making her dance.  The makers of the doll are Melissa and Doug….one of my favorite brands for kids’ toys.  They are all wooden, solid, and age appropriate.  Below are pictures from Party #1.




Addisan trying to patiently wait for her friends to get here.



I really wanted to get a cupcake tier to display them, but did not have time to purchase one.  I am hoping Tommy asks Santa to bring me one for Christmas this year:)



Popeye and Ju-Ju brought her birthday balloons in the afternoon.



Our sundae and cupcake bar.



Frosting.  Yum!




Friends decorating their yummy treats!



Addisan got a little shy when everyone started singing to her.



Our friends Marianne and Pam.  I love this shot of them!



Addisan opening her gifts and books.



I love this shot…..Campbell is just so done partying!



Here is a picture of Campbell and Campbell.  This is THE Campbell that inspired us to name our little one this:)

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