The Last of the Parties

Finally on Sunday, we had the last of the parties.  We invited our family and our close friends the Hammonds.  It was very low key with sandwiches and light snacks.  Both girls had a fabulous time spending the afternoon with so many people that love them.  Below are some high lights of our day.



This Dora car was a find!  We bought it at the Charter Colony yard sale for $10!  Please don’t think I am cheap.  My first thought was Addisan will love it!  Second of all, she has no idea what “pre-owned” really means:)  I went on line to see  the original price…..since it was limited edition, it sells on  EBAY new for over $450!  Needless to say, once she is done with the car, we will be putting it up to sell on-line!



Popeye and Ju-Ju brought Campbell a gift.  It was a Minnie Mouse that she loves.  Also, Baby and Pop-Pop bought her really cute monkey pjs that she wears all the time.



One of the gifts that she received was a soccer goal.  She went to a soccer clinic last winter and loved it.  We are going to pout her in soccer again in the spring.  Thanks Aunt Susan and Uncle Billy for the gift!



This was “the” gift of the day.  Campbell would not let Addisan get to it.  It was so funny!  It is a cash register that actually scans products.  You put the stickers on any items you want and it will tell you the price once you zap it!  So COOL!  I set up a grocery store in the hallway for Addisan to use her cash register and she loves it!  Thanks Baby and Pop Pop.



I am not sure who had more fun with it, Billy or Addisan.



Addisan decorated the cake herself.  My mom’s birthday is the day before Addisan’s birthday, so we had a dual cake:)



Addisan loves blowing out the candles to the cakes this year. 



Karsen is just the cutest thing in her party dress!



Aunt Ronya mailed this super soft coat to Addisan for her birthday.  When I put it on her, she said that she looked like Little Red Riding Hood, but she was missing her basket, cookies, and fork!  Too cute!

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