Jack’s House

We went back home for Jack’s first birthday.  It is hard to believe that he is already one.  It feels like it was just yesterday that Nicole and I were both pregnant.  For me, when I look down at all the weight I still need to lose, I do still feel preggers some days.  We had a chance to visit with Nicole’s family, their friends, Kevin, and Erin.  The only thing I hate about going back home, is having to leave them and return to Richmond. 



Addisan and Gavin were bickering about taking turns with this wagon.  So problem solved…we put Campbell in it and they both got to pull her:)



Campbell LOVED being pulled around.  She is so easy going!


jack birthday

Me and the birthday boy, Jack.


jacks birthday 2

Addisan trying to make boy toys into purses somehow.


jack birthday 3

J.T. enjoying his favorite toy of all time while his daddy catches up on some light reading.

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