A Princess and Disney on Ice

We went to Disney on Ice and had such a fabulous time.  Since Campbell is still too little to take, we invited Addisan’s friend Violet to go with us.  When I was a kid, my siblings were young adults and out of the house.  So my parents would take my two best friends to events such as this.  I had the best memories, more so because of my friends as oppose to the event itself.  I think the case was the same for her as for me.  I can’t wait until Campbell is older and they can both invite a friend!



Addisan in her Cinderella dress up dress before we left.



Addisan saying her final goodbyes to Campbell before we went to go pick up Violet.



Addisan patiently waiting in the car to go.



The two girls posing for me outside the stadium before the show began.





Some action shots of the performance.  After seeing this show and watching Addisan’s excitement grow, I think I trip to Disney World will be in our near future.



The girls dancing during intermission while Tommy bought them cotton candy.



The cutest picture of Violet.



A love these little moments!

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