Are We Trick or Treating Yet?

If you recall,  Addisan was sick last year for Halloween.  This year, she was well and thrilled to be taking part in the Halloween festivities.  To get us in the right mood, of course we had to visit the Chesterfield Pumpkin Patch.  With Tommy working, Aunt Lora came with us instead.  The girls just love her!!! 


campbell pumpkin patch

Campbell eating some Cheerios and Puffs while waiting for her sister to finish an activity.



Addisan LOVED the tractor pull!!!  She could have stayed on it the entire time.  There was another girl around her age that started crying when her parents were out of sight, but not my Addisan.  She is getting to be so independent!



Campbell watching her big sister on the tractor pull.




Addisan on the hay ride over to the pumpkin patch.



She loved jumping from one ridge over to the next.



Campbell tried to keep up with Addisan.  The ridges though kept her a little behind.  She finally sat down to play in the dirt.



Campbell trying to keep up with Addisan.



Addisan in the corn barrel.  I know Campbell will love to take part in this next year.





The beautiful pumpkins Addisan did.  






Some of my favorite characters:)  Addisan insisted Daddy dress up and she picked him out a costume from her dress up clothes!  What a good sport.  Also, it took Addisan to get the hang of what Trick-or Treating really meant.  We would go from one house to another and she would say, “Are we trick-or-treating yet?”  It was too cute.  By the end, she understood that was all it was….going house to house asking for candy!

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