One Phat…I mean, FAT Farmer’s Market

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Our morning first started off with Campbell insisting that she had to wear a hat everywhere she went today.  I have to say, she looks pretty cute in all hats and keeps them on.  Addisan, on the other hand, despises wearing hats (unless you could call a tiara a hat).


So Campbell and I dropped Addisan off at camp this morning and we then hit the gym for a little bit.  On our way home, we came across a Farmer’s Market.  It was a small one, but still quite eclectic with its vendors . One of my New Year’s resolutions a few years back was to support small businesses.  I try my best to buy local and shop on Etsy A LOT.  So needless to say, we ended up pulling over and looking around.

When I think of Farmer’s Markets, I think of all home grown items and colorful bouquets of flowers.  I saw this here.  We ended up just getting a few home grown veggies since we will be going out of town this weekend.


Campbell picked out her veggies to eat.  She picked out green beans and mini-cucumbers.  I have never seen a child love vegetables as much as her.  Sometimes I wonder how she is my own child.

While we were walking around, it all of a sudden started smelling like a carnival…..I SMELLED FUNNEL CAKE!  Or so I thought at least.

It was not funnel cake… it was even better!  It was these FAT-O donuts that were to die for!  They were made there fresh.  We got to see them fry them and then dump them in glaze!


The surprise of fresh donuts at the Farmer’s Market made me smile.

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