Finding Friends—Both Big and Little– in Unexpected Places

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When Tommy was unemployed and I was staying at home with the girls, I put an ad in our neighborhood newsletter for tutoring kids struggling with reading.  I thought this could be something that would have flexible hours and could help us out financially too.

All of that was true.  It did have flexible hours and it did bring in some money.  What I did not expect to find were so many wonderful families outside of our village in our subdivision.  So many moms and dads I can relate to about parenthood! 

I timed the other night at the swim meet and it was so wonderful to see kids that I work with (and the ones that have retired successfully from me) out and about.  I loved cheering for them.  Secretly, I felt like a little celebrity with all of them coming up to me and chatting.  It made me feel very special.  I do not think they view me as a traditional “tutor,” but rather a friend who just happens to know a lot about teaching reading.  I love that! 

Last night, we ordered pizza with a family that I tutor for down the street.  They have a little girl the same age as Campbell.  Not only did I gain a friend, so did Campbell. 


   Watching Campbell and her friend make a mess while having fun makes me smile.


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