After the First…They All Get Gypped

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With our first born, our world was centered around her. She had our undivided attention and did not have to share it with anyone.

Then the second child comes along.  Even though the first born had to share the spotlight some, truth be told, she still gets the majority of the attention.  She is the one who is old enough for swim team where we wait on the sidelines “patiently,” she is the one who has play dates to be driven to, she is the one who we used to have to wait so “nicely” in the hall for her to come out of her church preschool classroom, she is the one who we have to wait for in a crowded waiting area for her dance class to be done with…you get the picture.

I understand that this is just how we have to roll until Campbell gets a little older and can claim some of these activities for herself.

Though Campbell does not feel neglected, I have mother’s guilt that our world revolves around Addisan’s schedule.  Addisan is at camp in the morning which gives me some one-on-one time with Campbell.  I cherish these moments with just the two of us.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss Addisan while she is gone.  BUT… I love watching Campbell develop into her own self without the influence of an overly pink, dancing queen sister.

Yesterday, after dropping off Addisan, Campbell and I went to our favorite place to eat…Chick-fil-a.  I am embarrassed to admit this, but we go at least every other day since I have been on summer vacation.




We then went to Lowes to look for some handles for a shelf in the bonus room.  I love how she loves the simple things in life….like getting on a tractor that does not move, make music, shake…but simply for the experience of something new.





We then went to the mall to pick up a new pair of sunglasses.  We went to Barnes and Nobel to play with the train table and then went to sit in one of the cars in the food court.  I do not put money into these things because my fear is that once I did, they would never stop asking me.  So I am proud to say that in four and a half years of motherhood, I have never spent a cent in these money grabbers.  She just loves going in them and hitting all the buttons.



Though we did nothing exciting yesterday, I love seeing her embrace everyday things in life with a smile and excitement.

         Spending one-on-one time with Campbell makes me smile.

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