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Anyone who knows me…and especially the ones who have LIVED with me….know that I HATE cleaning. 

I view cleaning like I do school work…no matter how much time you spend on it, there is always more to do.  There are so many better ways that I would like to spend my time rather than cleaning….like sleeping, going to the gym, shopping, etc.  My other thought about cleaning is that if I was to die tomorrow, would my family and friends remember a super clean house or spending time with them?  I think you know the answer.

I do have to admit though, I do feel better mentally when the house is cleaned up from all the dog hair and toys.  I am great at keeping up with the vacuuming, it is everything else that I fall behind on. 

I have several girlfriends that always have immaculate houses and every time I leave their places, I swear to myself that I am going to do better.  I am going to hang up my clothes right away before they get wrinkled from remaining in the dryer to the next day (or the day after that). I am going to unload the dishes every night. I am going to make sure there is no dust on the baseboards or Goldfish in my couch.  My hopes are always short lived.  I really, REALLY want to be like them.  Unfortunately, I do not think I am wired that way.

So with working full time and tutoring in the evenings, I fell waaayyyy behind in cleaning.  You know it has to be bad if I think it is “bad.” 

Awhile back I met a wonderful woman playing Bunco with some girlfriends.  She is as nice as they come and she just happens to own her own cleaning business.  This woman is the best!  I can chat with her all day.  When life was getting crazy for us in the Taylor household, I explained our work situation and what we needed.  She has only cleaned our house twice, but I am not sure what I did before her.

I have only had a cleaning service twice in my life…and both times were when I was extremely ill during Campbell’s pregnancy  Tommy and I do as much as we can around the house ourselves….refinish furniture, hang our own garage door openers, put up wainscoting, etc.  So I feel very spoiled having someone help with our housework.

TaDAAAAA….How long do you think this will last with kids?


                        Coming home to a clean house makes me smile!

My smile will be growing even bigger soon because I am going to trade my tutoring  services and work with her grandson for her cleaning services.   I  love a win-win situation.

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