Music to Addisan’s Ears

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We discovered a FABULOUS camp last summer for Addisan called Young Explorers.  I do not know where to even to begin about how much I love it.  Addisan wakes up every morning looking forward to all the developmentally appropriate activities that they have there as well as her wonderful teachers.  They have art, movement, music, woodworking, and the list goes on and on.  The campers range from ages 3 1/2 to rising twelfth graders.  I think I might have to do a whole other post about it because I love it that much!

Anyways, this year they added an optional half hour piano class to the camp.  For THREE weeks of group lessons, it was only $65.  Maybe I am comparing it to NoVA prices, but I thought it was a steal. 

Today was Addisan’s final day and they welcomed families to come in and see what they do.  They do a lot with rhythm, songs, proper hand placement, and working with identifying piano keys.

Though Addisan cannot play any “real” songs, she has a stronger foundation of the piano and can appreciate music even more.  That is all I could ask for!

For all of those who know Addisan, she is very different from myself.  I like music, but she really LOVES music.  I LOVE sports, but she only likes sports.  I try to remind myself that this is her life and my job as a mother is to expose her to as much as I can….and then the decision is up to her. 

So here I am at piano lessons…totally out of my element, but in Addisan’s world.




Watching Addisan shine at her “recital” makes me smile.

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