Maybe She Is My Daughter After All

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So we began private swim lessons last fall with Addisan at ACAC. She has a fabulous instructor that we just adore.  Addisan was very apprehensive around the water for the longest time.  She does not have to become an Olympic swimmer, but she just needs to know how to be safe in the water.

So we went to the pool on Friday.  When we got there, we were the only ones there.  It was the perfect pool day….sunny, but not too hot.



The reason we were the only ones there was because it opened at 10:30 and not at 10:00 when we arrived.  This was the face Campbell gave me when she found out we had to wait.


The girls’ comfort levels have grown so much in the water.  Unlike her older sister, Campbell has NO FEAR!  This is a bitter sweet problem.





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Addisan jumping off the side of the pool.

Watching Addisan jump over and over again off the side of the pool makes me smile.  This was the girl just a year ago who  would not even get her hair wet because she was afraid of messing it up!

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