For the Love of Peaches!

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I took the girls to Charlottesville today to go peach picking with my sister-in-law and niece.  This town is one of my favorite places in Virginia, not just because of family being there, but also because my “granola” and preppy side are both satisfied in this town.  You have the mountain views with the university at its center.

Well, when we arrived at Carter’s Mountain this morning, I was optimistic.  There were very few cars there for 10:30 in the morning and thermometer in my car read 85 degrees.

Then we stepped out of the car and the humidity hit us,  it felt like 100 degrees.  Within the first five minutes, we could all feel the sweat dripping down our faces.  I have also realized in the past week during this heat wave that Campbell has the same amount of patience as I do in the heat….which is none!  She cried and wanted to be carried.  That just made me more irritable because now I was twice as hot and with a crying 35 pound sack of potatoes on my hip.

Samantha was a great help relieving me and helping out with Campbell.

Addisan loved picking peaches and could have done it all day.

And if you have been to Carter’s Mountain, you know you cannot leave without having homemade donuts and peach ice cream.

The highlight for Addisan’s trip to Carter’s each year is this….

Then Samantha was a good sport….

Since we ate “healthy” having peach based food earlier in the day, we hit The Corner downtown and went to Little Johns.  My friend Ronya introduced it to me when we were in college and now every time I am in town, Little Johns is a must!  A cold fountain Coke, Five Easy Pieces, and a homemade brownie makes this girl smile…and drool!

Then we headed to see the rest of the Millers….

Campbell loved her Uncle Chuck and cousin Boo.

Being in Charlottesville with my family makes me smile.

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