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I am embarrassed to admit this, but I have never flown alone before in my life!  As a child, we always drove EVERYWHERE for vacation unless the Atlantic Ocean was separating us from our destination.  So when our friends from Arlington moved to Florida, we thought it would be fun to go visit them.  So for my first time on the plane by myself….I really wasn’t.  I had two awesome little buddies with me!  This was their first plane ride.  They were both so excited about traveling to see our friends!

So before we left, a friend suggested wrapping up things for them to do on the plane.  That way it creates excitement about the gift itself and they do not play with everything at once for only a short period of time and get bored.

This worked out wonderfully!  They thought it was like Christmas and we still have a few wrapped gifts for the way back.

I also got Campbell her own TAG reader along with kid sized headphones for each of them.  Before we left, we practiced using the headphones and showing Campbell how to do her TAG reader “gently.”

So on Monday night, we left to go to Falls Church to spend the night at a friend’s house right after Addisan’s ballet class.  We hit NO traffic and made it up there in about two hours with a Starbucks run!  The girls love having sleepovers away from home.  Norma was very kind and gave up her king size bed for the three of us to sleep in.  Campbell and I fell asleep around 11:30 and when I woke up to turn over, I realized Addisan was still awake at 12:30!  Below is a picture of the girls hanging out before leaving for the airport.

We got to National Airport with plenty of time to board our flight.  To my surprise, we even had more time than expected because there was a delay.  We hung out at the terminal and watched the planes take off.  They also got to open one of their gifts early.

The plane ride went pretty smoothly.  The kids did great on take off.  We flew Jet Blue and they rocked…extra room between the seats, TVs behind all the seats, they had FREE COKE (not Pepsi) and snacks, and great prices on tickets!   

When we arrived at Ft. Lauderdale, it was past their nap time.  The girls slept for the short ride to Del Ray Beach where we are staying and that was it.  They were in a good mood all day even with little sleep.  
That made this mama smile!

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