First Day of Vacation in Delray

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We had a great first full day in Delray Beach yesterday.  We slept in, including the kids.  We had breakfast and did a craft.  Before we came down, I went on Amazon and ordered some crafts for them to do and got them sent directly down here.  

We then went outside to enjoy the pool in the backyard.  Addisan has made great improvements in her swimming even in the past two days.  Things are really clicking for her.  

After our rough morning at the pool, we went to a local park.  It was awesome for toddlers with all the ground level entry points.  The girls could have stayed all day.

After working up an appetite running around, we tried a FABULOUS cupcake place.  

Now doesn’t this look good!?  You gotta love a bottled Coke too!

They also had the perfect size mini ones for the kids.  The cupcakes were moist and the frosting was creamy, just the way I like it!

We then finished the day off at the beach.  

Being with my girls makes me smile!

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