A Vacation in a Vacation

Nothin’ like a vacation in a vacation!  I took the girls to Sea World for two nights and they had a blast.  I still have not gone through all of the Sea World pictures yet…but, here is the start of our mini getaway.

We had the best hotel experience at the Renaissance Marriott across the street from Sea World.  Our room was very inexpensive and had a lot to offer.

When we arrived, they gave us sparkling cider.  When I asked the girls to raise their glasses for us to do “cheers,” the lady who checked us in came right around the counter and took a picture for us.

They had great amenities in the hotel.  The girls loved the waterfall on the way to Starbucks, which was located inside the hotel, that we ate at each morning.  I am currently addicted to ice chi tea lattes and birthday cake pops.    
The pools here were amazing.  The size of the main pool was equivalent to the few resorts I have stayed at.  There was a bar and great music playing.

We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to see not just one, but TWO water parks for toddlers and younger kids.  It was awesome!  Honestly, the kids could have spent all day here.  Campbell could even do some of the water slides.  I liked this place even better than the Busch Gardens Sesame Street water area because there was more room to run around without sharp corners for the kids to slip and hit their heads on.

In the evening, we just vegged and watched movies.

In the morning, we would eat something light before tackling the awful August Florida heat.

I hope to sort through the Sea World pictures this week and post them soon.  Getting caught up with our summer travels on our family blog will make me smile.

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