Sea World…Here We Come!

Here we are waiting for our shuttle bus to take us to Sea World. We were the first ones down in the hotel lobby raring to go.  I felt a little silly once we got to Sea World and realized the main entrance was literally across the street from our hotel.  We got a great deal on passes.  If you have a certain tier of Busch Gardens Season Passes (the one that includes free parking), you get 50% off your admission to Sea World and Campbell was free since she is only 2 years old.

When we first entered the park, we got a double stroller again.  The best investment at amusement parks.  They steer better than any of the double strollers I ever had.  Once we got rollin’, the sting rays were first.  The girls saw others feeding them and wanted to try.  So I bought some fish to feed them.  Once they saw the food close up, they were not interested.   I fed the sting rays two of the fish and gave the other two away to some other kids who were willing to touch them.

Sting Ray food
The first show that we saw was the Dolphin Show.  It was fabulous.  It had classical musical playing and told a fairy tale kind of story…one with love verses evil.  They had gymnast on ropes and high wires, live birds flying around during parts, and of course these beautiful creatures below.

Next stop, the manatees.  We were able to go underwater observatories not only for the dolphins, but the manatees as well.

This was and will always be one of my favorite spots in Sea World.  I could watch the penguins play all day!

We then went to see the Shamu Show.  The girls enjoyed it, but did not love it like the dolphin show.  I think the element of dance and classical music in the dolphin show was more to Addisan’s liking.

This was MY favorite show, Clyde and Seamore.  It was a cute little skit about pirates who get marooned on a desert island and how the sea otters and sea lions help them out.  We had a rain delay in the middle of the show, but they resumed after about 15 minutes.  

After this show, we walked back in the rain to the hotel where we took a short nap and had dinner in the hotel.  Kids ate free at the hotel restaurant!  Later on that night, we went back to see Shamu Rocks which was the whale show with fancy lights and classic rock songs. It was great!  Campbell loved just standing up and dancing to the music. 

With one day admission to Sea World, you are able to go back for another day within that week. So we woke up early the next day and went to see the Elmo Show.  It was at the same theater where we saw the Pets Galore Show the day before.  This was another great show where they take rescue animals…dogs, cats, birds, potbelly pigs, and even a skunk to perform the skit!

Due to the rain, we only went to this show.  It was the only one we did not get to the day prior.  I was hoping to go back and visit our favorite things again, but the weather was not on our side.

These girls were rock stars all day long!  Being with such great little travelers makes me smile.

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