Nanagra’s Rainbow

This is our third annual OBX trip with my parents (aka Baby and Pop Pop) and our good friends, the Harrisons, from back home.  We rent my sister-in-law’s mom’s beach house.  It is located in Corolla and two houses away from the beach.  We return to the same house each year and it is a wonderful feeling to have our kids feel at home away from home.  

Below are just a few of our many memories from our trip.  The week was perfect down there.  Not one rainy day!  I think someone up above was making up for last year when we got evacuated due to the hurricane.
Nanagra’s Rainbow
Morris’s Farm Market on the way down there.  Great samples to eat and the cleanest bathrooms.
Great friends.

Our annual picture with Baby and Pop Pop.  This year the boys wanted to be in it too!

Our morning ritual, coloring on the screened in porch until breakfast was ready.
We discovered Duck Donuts this year thanks to my friend Julie!  The best donuts….even better than the apple donuts at Carter’s Mountain!
My friend Julie and her girls were down in Nagshead the same week we were there.  They came to see us and hang out one day.  Mason was one of my first graders when I first moved down to Richmond and now she is going into sixth grade.  Her sister, “Big” Campbell, was our inspiration for naming our little girl Campbell.
This was the weather every day!  Can you get better than that?
We would go nightly to the beach after dinner to fly kites, walk around, let Kaylee swim, and just be together.

Some other random shots.
I LOVE this picture of all four kids!  Notice Jack and Campbell holding hands.  They did it all on their own.
These kids napped well!  I went down to check on Campbell one afternoon and this is what I found.
Addisan FINALLY learned how to petal and steer her bike (with training wheels) at the same time while at the beach.  I am thankful for even the smallest miracles.  I thought this was never going to happen.

Addisan walked up with Tommy all the way to the top of the lighthouse for the first time!  He said she was very quiet while walking and concentrating really hard.
This was taken after going to race cars on the track.  Addisan did not want to go at first, but decided at the last minute to.  I told her I would go as slow as she wanted me to.  Nicole described this experience as me driving Ms. Daisy.  On the other hand, Campbell LOVED it and wanted to go as fast as possible.
You gotta love some ribs!
I love the simple things about the Outterbanks.  Family, friends, and everything the sandy beach has to hold.
Knowing that more special memories will be made there next year makes me smile!

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