Where are the Match Box Cars that I Grew Up With?

As a child, I remember playing outside in the backyard with kitchen spoons digging in dirt and playing in the basement with Matchbox cars with boy across the street.  So….how did I get such girly girls??

Addisan and Campbell love their dolls!  With all three of us being off of school, we went to the American Girl store up at Tysons for them to choose their own dolls for an early birthday gift.  At this store, they even have PERSONAL SHOPPERS for your dolls.  Who ever came up with this marketing was genius!  I think I want a summer job doing that!

If you go to the AG store, I would definitely go when it first opens.  It quickly filled with a lot of young girls, moms, and grandmas.

Campbell went straight to the doll baby strollers.  I had no idea that they had different sized AG dolls.  

The girls decided on the like-me dolls.  Addisan named her doll Kate and Campbell named her doll Little Campbell:)

Popeye and Ju-Ju came up with us.  Popeye loves dolls way more than I do and she was in heaven there.  

We had some extra time between purchasing our dolls and our lunch reservation at the AG Bistro.  So we walked around Tysons for a little bit.  It amazes me how much this mall has grown since I was a child.   I love this picture with Tommy carrying all the bags for his little girls.  It makes me realize these girls are growing up too quickly.

I would suggest if you want to eat at the AG Bistro, you make a reservation at least a month in advance…and that was for mid week.  The earliest time I could get was 1:45.  Again, marvelous marketing on their behalf…everything was pink and frilly at the Bistro.  And surprisingly, the food was pretty good.

They even had seating arrangements for the dolls!
We just placed our drink orders when an earthquake struck.  I was born and raised down the street in Falls Church… never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect that!  I first thought it was Metro construction.  Then I thought it was a terrorist attack.  I was teaching in Bailleys Crossroad area when the Pentagon was hit and we felt the impact at our school.  That feeling never leaves you.  So, my first instinct was to grab the girls and we went outside with everyone else.  Everyone was cool and collected exiting the mall and helping each other trying to figure out what just happened.  
After an hour and a half, we were allowed back in and resumed ordering.  We decided to wait it out because we knew the traffic was going to be bad with DC being evacuated.  So, our rationale was, if we were going to be stuck in traffic at rush hour, at least we will be fed.

Popeye and Ju-Ju ended up buying the girls and their dolls matching pajamas.  They have been in heaven with these dolls since they came into their arms.

Making happy memories with my daughters makes me smile.

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