Summer Went By Too Fast

Summer went by too quickly!  These were a few things that we did that I did not have a chance to blog about that we just loved. 

Chick-fil-a holds a special event each Father’s Day.  Some owners have horse drawn carriages while the one Ju-Ju, Tommy, and the girls made reservations at had a limo that took them around town after their meal.  
Campbell went to a big girl place to get her hair done!  The person who does my hair now does her hair too.  For me, having her go to her “Ms. Jessie” instead of one of those “cutesy” places make me feel like my baby is gone.  She is now a big girl.  


This was Addisan’s second summer doing the CAPs program at St. Catherine’s.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about this camp.  She has looked  forward to it for the past two years.  This year, she was able to take piano lessons.  For 3 weeks of lessons….only $65!  That averages out to $4.33 a lesson!

We went several times to Busch Gardens.  The girls’ favorite part of park was the mini water park.

We also got to see some friends from back home.  We first stopped at Erin’s house to see her and her boys.  They had just gotten a “little” puppy named Agnus that we also got to meet.  Could Agnus be any cuter??

That same weekend, we went to Theater in the Woods at Wolf Trap with Nicole and her boys.  We saw an African story teller and Mr. Steve.  He is one of our favorites!  I love Theater in the Woods….for the price of a movie ticket, we got to see two shows with this awesome scenery!  

Being on summer vacation with my girls makes me smile!  

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