It Can’t Be! Campbell is Three!

So on December 17th, we celebrated Campbell’s third birthday with family.  It is hard for me to believe that my baby girl is no longer a baby anymore, but a little girl with a great sense of humor and independence.  She constantly reminds me about what life is truely  about, living in the moment.  I find myself stressing over things that I have no control over and planning every open minute that we have on the calendar.  I need to take a lesson from her…..

Campbell has taught me to enjoy each day as they come and not to get my panties in a knot.  One of the many things that have cracked us up lately was when she opened up the refrigerator, pointed to the almost empty gallon of milk, and said, “Hook me up with some of this!”  Another funny moment was when she was on a photo shoot. Campbell was selected to model for a toy catalogue and while playing in a pop up castle, Tommy tried to convince her to come out by telling her to let down her hair like Rapunzel, one of her favorite Disney princesses these days.  She peeks her head out and informs Tommy that she is Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) and she was going back to bed….and then proceeds to slam the door.  The whole crew just laughed.  She is definitely a ham!  I think she gets it from her daddy!

For her birthday, she requested chocolate donuts and milk for breakfast.  You can still see some chocolate on her face.

Campbell is polar opposite from Addisan when opening gifts.  She could care less what is in them….she just enjoys throwing the tissue paper around and destroying the wrapping paper.  We got her an outfit for her American Girl Doll this year.

This was a cake to remember.  While blowing out the candles, her hair caught on fire!!!!  Luckily, with one swoop of his hand, Ju-Ju quickly put it out.  It amazes me that she was not harmed other than a  few burnt pieces of hair.    

Our family is very generous, any time there is a birthday for one child, they always bring a small something for the other child.  Here Addisan is opening up Chutes and Ladders and a few other things from Baby and Pop-Pop.

I was fortunate to be off of work for Campbell’s birthday and was able to bring cupcakes to her class at school.  I love being a teacher, but I feel like sometimes my own kids get gypped because my work schedule is not very flexible during the school year.  I guess being a December baby has some perks….mama can bring in cupcakes!

Happy Birthday Sweet Campbell Layne!  Being your mom makes me smile!

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