Polar Express…IMAX Style

We went to the Virginia Science Museum to see Polar Express on the IMAX theater.  This was my first IMAX experience and it was awesome.  Addisan asked me on more than one occasion if we were flying.  The span of the screen kept Campbell engaged the whole time.  There was so much to see!  They currently have a mummy documentary on the IMAX that I think Tommy and I might try to go to.  Ever since teaching about Egypt when I taught third grade, it has since fascinated me!

I am hoping to take the girls back to the museum to explore one day soon. There are so many cool things that caught their attention on the downstairs to the theater!  

On the way home, we stopped and ate at a new place on Patterson called Super Stars Pizza.  It was highly recommended by lots of friends and we were not let down!  I also found out that you can take home pizzas to bake at home AND I pass it three days a week to pick up Addisan from Extended Day.  I see many pizza nights ahead for the Taylor household!

New experiences with pizza makes me smile!

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