A Special Christmas

This blog entry is long overdue!  You would think after all the Christmas madness was over, life would be a little less hectic.  That never seems to be the case, huh?!

Christmas Eve and all was quiet after the kids went to bed.  

The stockings were hung on the banister with care…..
with the hope that the Easter Bunny would soon be there???? That is right, those are our Easter baskets.  The Millers from Charlottesville needed stockings and we did not have enough….so it is a good thing Santa and the Easter Bunny are in cohoots with each other.

Elenor was caught eating cookies on her way back to the North Pole with Santa.  

Santa had arrived!  In the past, we would open a few gifts and let the girls play a little bit and then open some more.  Now that Campbell is like a bulldozer opening gifts, Addisan has picked up on it too.  Opening gifts that morning was no longer a marathon, but rather a nice steady race.

After uploading these long over due pictures, I realized how badly this room needed to be painted.  My winter project is to finally finish this room.  We still refer to the room as “Carmella’s Room” because the only thing that was in there for the longest time was our guinea pig!  I am not a formal person, so what better way to use a formal living room than for your pets.

I love seeing the girls’ faces fill with excitement and joy.  
Again, it would not be a Christmas morning in the Taylor household without breathing treatments.  I had to remind myself that it could be worse, we could be at Chippenham again!  

Uncle Chuck and Auntie Kris hangin’ with Campbell while Addisan was finishing her meds.

Santa left a princess tunnel for the girls.  It is amazing how something so simple gives them so much joy!

Some moments caught throughout the morning.  Campbell insisted on wearing her fairy dress over her pjs all morning long.  She is a trip!

The girls received bikes from us this year.  We got Addisan a “big girl” bike and Campbell a balance bike.  I have heard such great things about these balance bikes making the transition to a big bike a lot easier.  We will find out this spring if that is true.  
Santa brought the girls Doodle Pads.  Basically these are travel kits with a chalk board on one side and paper on the other.  This was one of their favorite gifts of the morning. It just goes to show, bigger is not always better.
After the Miller Christmas morning was over, we went to the Taylors for round two.  It was nice to see everyone….good food and good memories made!
The day after Christmas, my good friend, Molly, had a mom free date with Addisan.  Addisan LOVES the Nutcracker and went to see the Richmond production of it with her.  

Christmas memories make me smile.

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