Starting Off The New Year

I have a brilliant friend who has a “Russian New Year” for her friends.  Just like the Jimmy Buffet song, it is 5:00 somewhere….it is already midnight somewhere too….Russia!  We have a countdown to noon for the kids.  We have food and laughs…it is a good time had by all!

My friend gets fancy glasses and sparkling apple cider for all the kids.  They think they are so grown up with these glasses.

The three girls just being themselves…silly!

Addisan learned how to flip over the bar New Year’s.  For the average kid, this is no big deal.  For my little girl with two left feet, this is a huge accomplishment.

That evening, we went out to dinner to one of my favorite places, Cafe Canturra with one of our favorite friends, Parker. Parker was kind enough to bring over a cardboard princess castle for the girls to make and color.  They loved it!

Starting the New Year with friends makes me smile!

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