Winter Fun!

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So we returned from our weekend away at Smithfield Station to find our friends had decorated our house with GOP garbage….I mean ads:)  I had to laugh, once we thought we collected them all, I would find more in my cake pans and other odd places.  I am not sure what the joke was….the reaction from us or the thought Romney is going to win the Presidential race:)?  Props to the Putneys for a good joke either way:)!

Since then, we have been slammed with “life.”  My dad had another operation and is doing better.  It has been a slow, but steady recovery.  Tutoring has taken off where I now have a waiting list.  At one point, I had 10 kids a week.  This has been all through word of mouth which is the best compliment.  I have met so many wonderful families that I now consider friends through tutoring.  This on top of working full time makes for one tired mommy some weeks.

We try to make the best of any free moments that we have.  This winter we took a trip to go tubing at Wintergreen, but due to the warm weather this winter, that did not happen.  Instead we went to Auntie Kris’s school where she works and went to the playground.  They have an AMAZING playground there.  The picture below just shows part of it!

This is the view from their playground.  I think if I taught here, our recess would be twice as long than in Richmond with that view!
Campbell LOVED this balancing section.  It was tougher than it looked because each of the colored steps wiggled.
Watching these two girls play with each other warms my heart.  They really are each other’s best friend.  Having them create all these wonderful memories together, I hope will only strengthen their friendship to come.

We also went to go see the CYT production of Mulan at the local middle school with our friend Violet.  It was phenomenal.  The amount of talent that these young children possessed just blew me away.  I was not expecting it to be too crowded.  Well needless to say, we got the last few tickets and seats right up front.  Luck was on our side! It was truly amazing!

We did get one snowfall this season.  It was the best type of snow….it came early enough in the morning to cancel school without delay and it was melted away by dinner time!  Perfect, huh?

My snow bunny!  I know I am a little bias because I am her mother, but no matter what she puts on, she is so stinkin’ cute….even in a one piece marshmallow suit!

After a 20 minute temper tantrum inside because her snow pants were not “girly” enough, Addisan finally joined us outside.

 Trying to catch up on some overdue blogging makes me smile!

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