Potty Traning

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Addisan looking a little confused where underwear goes.

Addisan truly believes that she is older than she really is…..21 months going on 8 years old. She has been showing interest in potty training, so I am trying to follow her lead. She has been running to the potty after the fact. So I purchased underwear for her thinking that if she feels yucky wetness in her big girl drawers, it might help foster this transition to the potty. Needless to say this is a project in process. Daddy is denying the fact that his little girl is growing up and the picture says it all:)

2 thoughts on “Potty Traning

  1. Yay Jen!!! I LOVE the blog and this picture of Addisan is soooo funny! It was so great to see you today. I am going to post some pictures of the cutie pies in a minute! Thanks for the talk too! You look great, and I cannot believe there is another little Taylor on the way! Love you! Clare

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