Work in Progress……six years and still counting

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So finally after six years living in this house, we have finally started to think about Carmella’s Room (aka the “formal” living area).  For those who did not know Carmella, she was our guinea pig and this is the room where we housed her cage and the kids took her on stroller rides.  

This winter, I had all of these color samples on the wall.  I have a commitment problem with colors just like I do with choosing photos from our photographer.  I need to take the attitude of a true test taker and go with my first instinct and not look back.
Tommy and I do as much stuff around the house as we possibly can ourselves.  “We,” being more Tommy than myself, do our own wainscoting, painting, crown molding, tiling, etc.  These ceilings though we could not reach even with our tallest ladder.  

This is our lovely dog couch…the only piece of furniture that our dogs are allowed to sit on.  Don’t judge us to harshly by how disgusting it is!  We do not sit on it ourselves.

The couch I have been looking at for the past TWO years is from Pottery Barn.  Anyone who knows me, knows I am a sales hunter and pride myself on good finds!  I cannot find another couch that I like nearly as much and is as comfortable as this one.  This is the first time I have not been able to find an appropriate substitution for what I want.  So, I have been putting a little bit of my tutoring money aside each week to purchase it this summer.  My rationale was if I have to look at it each and every day and it has to be functional for humans and NOT dogs, I want to make the investment instead of looking at a so-so couch and always wishing I got the one I really wanted.

Our neighborhood uses a fabulous painting family.  They are the nicest people and love dogs… they fit right into our house!  They helped Tommy move the final pieces before starting the painting process this winter.  

Here are the final photos of the painting.  We decided to use two tones of blue to highlight the vaulted ceilings.

Dogs are already to claim their couch again while trying to get another picture of the painting.

I have already ordered and bought frames to make a collage of pictures above the couch.  That is going to be my summer project along with purchasing curtains.  I have found some curtains that I like on, but I am nervous about ordering them sight unseen.  I hope to have more pictures in the next couple of weeks of the completed room.

Painted rooms that I do not have to paint myself make me smile!

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