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Today we went to Short Pump Mall to meet up with our friend Clare and her son Bradley. The kids had a great time playing. We spent a lot of time in the toy store playing with the train table and having grocery cart races around the store. We bought one or two items (that we still have not told Daddy about yet). At the water fountain, Addisan thought it was like the baby pool and attempted on more than one occasion to hop in. Luckily she enjoyed throwing pennies into it instead of swimming in it. After leaving the mall, we met up with Daddy for lunch at the Thai Diner. My latest craving is Cury Thai….YUM!

Bradley and Addisan at one of the play stores by the train station at the mall.

Two possible love birds???

They both loved the fountain!

Addisan trying to figure out how to get back up on the fountain.

Addisan outside of Starbucks after downing her chocolate milk

Addisan just looking cute:)

4 thoughts on “Short Pump

  1. Oh what a fun day! I love the pictures…also my sister started her own blog business, if you want to go look at it. I posted about it on my blog. love you! Clare

  2. Okay, I’ve visited and am now officially hooked on the Taylor blog:) You have an obligation to keep it current now (to entertain me while on bedrest…LOL). Wait, is this not all about me?? Oops, sorry!

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