Beach Week

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Tommy and Addisan in the pool outback. She is wearing her “muscle suit” to help her stay afloat for safety.

We could not keep her out of the water….she would run for it as soon as she saw it!

After a hard day at the beach, what better way to refresh than a juice box?

We went to Corolla this past week with my family. We had a wonderful time and did not want to come back. My brother John and his family came from Yorktown; my sister-in-law Kris and her friend Candy came as well as my nephew and niece (my brother had to work); my mom and dad; and my childhood friend Ronya . The weather was ideal. Only on Tuesday were we “forced” to go to the outlets en lieu of going to the beach. Surprisingly, I did not purchase anything for myself! Addisan was a true beach baby. We could not keep her out of the waves or the pool. She would get hit in the face with a wave and pull your hand to go back for more. Since the tides were somewhat strong due to a hurricane that was out to sea, someone had to hold her hand in the water at all times. She was so determined to go in the water that she would go limp while you held her hand in order to try to escape and hit the waves by herself. From all my running around with her at the beach, I lost two pounds! I can’t wait to take her again. I think we might have to take a day trip down there soon.

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