Tivo celebrated his FOURTH year with us!

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The homemade doggie birthday cake that I made him from a recipe from the cookbook,
Three Dog Bakery.

Daizee waiting patiently for the party to get started.

The Birthday Boy as happy as he can be.

Zep, Tivo, and Daizee taking a break from playing to get a photo taken.

Four years ago, Tommy made the mistake of going to Richmond by himself in order to give me a quiet weekend at home to take my Comprehensive Exams for UVa. On my way to Borders to study, I decided to go to the pet adoption at PetSmart. My procrastination to study changed my life for the better, and the betterment of a stray dog that was found in Fredericksburg. When I first entered PetSmart, I had no intention of adopting a dog without Tommy being part of the decision. I was just checking out who was available since we had started thinking about adopting a dog. Once I laid eyes on Tivo, the shyest dog of the bunch, it was love at first sight. I knew this was my soul mate on four legs:) One long distance call to Tommy and only a few tears shed, Colt came home with me. Colt was the name that was given to Tivo by the rescuers. This name did not truly express who he really was. Tivo was going to become a city dog and needed a trendy name….and plus, his Daddy loved his DVR Tivo. Tivo has been through everything with us….wedding planning, lots of school drama, pregnancy, a move to Richmond…..every major milestone he has gone through with me. To celebrate his birthday, we had our friends Kasey and Ken over with their dog Zep. I made the dogs an edible birthday cake which they loved. Zep ate his piece in one bite without ever chewing…it was a sight to see:) People told me that our dogs would get demoted when the baby came…they were mistaken. They are truly part of our family and we would not be the same people without them. They have taught us unconditional love and loyalty…for that, we are grateful for!

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