Fun at Brandermill

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Ian feeding the ducks.

Hayden coaxing the geese to come over.

Ta-Da….here I am!

Ian posing for a photo shot.

Hayden manning the shovel rope.

Addisan and her BFF Kasey.

The four of them on the see-saw.

On Friday, we met our friend Kasey and her niece and nephew (Hayden and Ian) at a local park. Addisan had a blast with them and enjoyed going on the swings and just running around. Hayden went on a lizard hunt while Ian manned a pirate ship. Though it was super hot that day, the shaded park equipment made the park feasible that day. There were some super nice women at the lake that shared their bread with us so we could also partake in feeding the ducks and geese. These feathered friends must have been regulars at the lake because they did not fear humans and charged us for the bread. After our adventures at the park, we met Kasey’s mom and her friend at a local Italian place. Addisan had a blast with everyone!

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