History Reliving Itself

Julie just taking everything in.

Addisan is ALWAYS ready for the water!

Bubbles…You can never go wrong!

My two best friends from childhood, Colleen and Sara, and I, have known each other since the time we could swim at an early age. We spent our summers at the pool harassing the life guards, sleeping over at each others’ houses all the time, going on family vacations together….they became the two sisters I never had. We have been through every milestone together. I don’t think I would be the same person who I am today without them. We were able to all get together today with our girls down here in Richmond. We met at Colleen’s sister’s house where we enjoyed pizza, the pool, and bubbles. They could not have come at a better time…I have been extremely homesick lately. There is nothing better than being with friends where you can just let your tears roll without any reservation. There is something to be said for being able to sit with someone who already knows your history without saying a word…because she has lived it with you. Julianna, Marissa, and Addisan enjoyed being together. I hope they develop the same bond that I have with their mothers and create wonderful memories of friendship of their own.

The three of us a few years ago at Colleen’s childhood home.

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  1. Oh Jen! I am so excited you got some time with the girl friends. I have been homesick totally too! We need to get together soon! I hope you are feeling well. Love, clare

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