What a Buddy!

My former first grader, Mason, came over to see our special guest. Our guest’s name was Buddy and what a friend he was to all. Mason sees friends in the same light as I do…2 legs, 4 legs…it doesn’t matter. All that matters is the size of their hearts. Needless to say, Buddy was a dog!

Tommy and I foster throughout the year for a local dog rescue called Happe Pets. We fostered Buddy for a week while his foster family was on vacation. He was lazier than our dogs…which is hard to do! Plus, he loved Addisan. During his stay with us, a couple from Pennsylvania was interested in adopting him. They wanted to take him on a trial on their way down to their Florida home from Pennsylvania. Within a couple of days of their arrival in the Sunshine State with Buddy, this couple made it official and Buddy became a member of their family. From a stray one day with no home, to a spoiled puppy with not only one place to call home, but a vacation home…what a lucky dog!

Mason and Addisan are just relaxing on the couch.

Mason attempting to get all three dogs to look at the camera at the same time. What a difficult task!

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