Preschool…Easy as 1, 2, 3!

So my prediction was correct about preschool…Addisan is only going to cry when I come and pick her up from school. She just loves her friends and being with people. My feelings use to be hurt when she would cry when others left, but not when Tommy and I departed. She is definitely not a typical kid. My rationale is that she knows her mom and dad will always return, but she is not sure about her friends. Her teacher said that her class is pretty mature and doing things that are typically done by her students usually around Christmas time. There were some kids on the first day that cried during transitions, one cried when he wanted his pacifier during rest time…not my Addisan. She was the only one who did not shed a tear! You go girl! She is one tough cookie who loves life!

I could not get her to smile for the camera to save my life! She still looks cute though in my book.

One thought on “Preschool…Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Aww I love Addisan’s outfit in that picture! That is so nice that she doesnt have seperation anxiety.. when we walk through the doors at church or the gym Sammy starts crying đŸ˜›

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