You Don’t Tell a Pregnant Woman There are NO APPLE DONUTS!

So on Friday, Addisan and I went to Carter’s Mountain and went apple picking. This is one of my favorite things to do each fall. To be honest, I don’t love it is so much for picking apples, but their famous apple donuts. It is worth the hour drive to consume a half a dozen donuts. You cannot stop yourself from eating them…even though you know you are going to feel sick from eating so many. We met my sister-in-law Kris and my niece Samantha at the orchard. As soon as we arrived, the farm workers informed us that the baker called in sick that morning and their were NO APPLE DONUTS! This was the worse news I had heard all week…seriously! Fortunately, we did not let this setback hold us down. We proceeded to go down to the orchards and pick apples. Addisan LOVED it and picked them with all of her might. She would pull so hard that her whole body would start shaking. Since no apple donuts were in the plan for the day…the four of us consumed chocolate chip cookies, apple cider, apple pie, and a peach smoothie after a hard day of picking apples. This was not the most nutritious meal, but delicious! I knew Addisan would remember her experience at the apple orchard when I heard her say 101 times on the way home, “I pick apples too!”

Aunt Kris and Addisan picking apples.

Addisan eating her first of many apples of the day.

Some motherly love:)

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