One Proud Mama

I am not pushing potty training on Addisan, but just trying to follow her lead. TWICE, that’s right…you heard me, she has peed in her potty. She had a fluke incident in the toilet in the beginning of the year, but I think she is really ready now. Two nights ago as well as tonight, she went to the potty knowing what she was doing. After we gave her a bath and put her pjs on tonight, she got into bed and started grabbing her diaper and saying “pee-pee.” We immediately put her on her potty and gave her a book…within minutes, she had peed! We are so proud of her. I never thought I would be jumping up and down over pee, but I am! Now,once she is officially potty trained, all that money that I save from not buying diapers, I can put in a shoe fund for myself.

Addisan just relaxing before bedtime reading a book.

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