Two Peas in a Pod

We went up to Northern Virginia on Saturday for our friend, Nicole’s, baby shower. They are expect baby #2. They are not finding out the gender…I wish I could have that will power! Unfortunately, I forgot to take out the camera during the shower. When Tommy arrived to pick me up from the shower with Addisan, he took the camera out to capture two peas in a pod running a muck! My friend, Erin, hosted the shower and her son, J.T., and Addisan had a blast together. They ran around chasing each other and laughing so much! Addisan has been known to be a flirt with men…and now with boys. The highlight of their fun was when we were getting ready to head back to Richmond. JT was running around naked outside before a diaper change. While naked and walking around in the driveway, he ended up peeing and then playing in his puddle of urine. I think at that point Tommy was relieved to be having another girl!

Addisan reaching for a hug from JT.
Dance Party!
JT getting lost in Addisan’s eyes.
I think Addisan might have found her soul mate!

One thought on “Two Peas in a Pod

  1. Oh my gosh Jen, that is too funny! Bradley was naked in our driveway, and did the EXACT same thing. That is when I knew that we are not ready for potty training over here:)

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