Miss Maggie Moo

I watched my friend, Ryan’s, little girl on Friday. Miss Maggie is three months old and is such a sweet, easy kiddo. I was really looking forward to spending some time with Maggie and really anxious to see how Addisan responded to a little one on her turf. Addisan did wonderful. She wanted to be part of everything that Maggie did. If I laid Maggie down on the floor to play with her, Addisan would lay down right next to her. When doing so, it was clear that Addisan was not trying to take my attention away from her, but rather wanted to be part of the action. Another sweet moment was when I took Maggie out of the swing and Addisan quickly said, “My turn.” I was thinking to myself….oh boy, she thinks she can fit into the swing! I was wrong, it was her doll baby’s turn to swing. We’ll take Maggie anytime! We had such a fun day with her.

Addisan and Maggie just hanging out and relaxing.

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