Addisan’s Birthday Bash

We had such a fun day celebrating Addisan’s birthday with family and friends from home on Saturday. Sara, Colleen, and Clare’s kids came and it was so much fun to see them all play and interact together. We decorated foam visors with stickers, ate lots of pizza, and enjoyed spending time with family and friends. Tommy and I gave Addisan a doll house for her birthday gift and she LOVED it. It is all wood and so are all the furniture pieces that came with it. She has spent so much time taking all the furniture in and out of the house and repositioning the dolls on it. I can watch Addisan play with it for hours. Below are pictures from the party.

Addisan is taking a swing at the pinata. None of the kids were able to break it open…even with the slits that I added. So we just took the candy out for them and let them dive into it.
The doll house was a gift to Addisan from me and Tommy. This is one of her favorite things to play with at the home. She takes all the furniture out and rearranges it on the floor and then puts it back in and does the same. Here Aunt Boop and Popeye are playing with her.

Me and Julie just hanging out. Note the circles under my eyes…who knew a SIMPLE birthday party for a two year old would wear me out.
Here Addisan is opening her many gifts. She is one spoiled girl! I think she enjoyed the bags and tissue paper as much as she did the actual gifts:)

Here is the crew sitting on the couch attempting to all pose for a photo shot…

Marissa, Bradley, Drew, Julie, and Addisan.
We ordered a photo cake for her party. This is what happens when Daddy goes to pick it up…he does not check to make sure everything is spelled correctly…like her name!:)

Popeye and Addisan just hanging out. She was so tired from all the excitement of the day!

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