Make Room for Campbell

Back in August, we started thinking about how our lives would change with the addition of Campbell. We made a Things to Do list (ok, I made it for Tommy)….and on that list was to order a big girl bed for Addisan. So, the first weekend in August, we went to USA Baby and ordered Addisan this beautiful white bed with a trundle underneath. The bed has a classic look to it with the hope that its simplicity will suite all of Addisan’s budding tastes growing up. After we returned back from USA Baby, we put Addisan down for a nap. She was not in her best mood when we took her upstairs because we would not let her sleep with a necklace on….the awful parents that we are:) By the time we got downstairs and looked at our video monitor, we heard a loud thump and hysterical crying. She escaped from her crib…we are still not quite sure how! We rushed upstairs and I was so worried that she might have hurt her neck during the fall. She was not crying from the pain of the fall, but rather for her necklace that was downstairs! This girl has a high threshold for a pain! That afternoon, we took her mattress out of her crib and she slept on that for a number of weeks. Her crib does convert to a toddle bed, but it was still too high for her. When I look at her now, she is a not a baby anymore, but a little girl.

Addisan amazes me and surprises me each day. After only telling her once that she has to stay in her bed after she wakes up….she followed the directions! We placed a basket of books next to her mattress for her to read when she wakes up. She would stay in her bed and read to herself and her baby doll until we came in to get her. Once Addisan’s new room was ready, we placed her mattress in there for her to transition to her new place. She did great as usual. Once her bed came in and we purchased mattresses, we moved her to the trundle and then to the regular bed. She is growing up way to quick. I am loving this stage of life with her! She never ceases to surprise me. Below are pictures of her old room post crib escape and her new room.

Addisan’s former sleeping arrangements.

Here is Addisan’s new room that is a work in progress. We still need to order her a dresser and night stand as well as get up some wall decorations. That will hopefully be coming soon!

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