35 Weeks and Holding

So I am officially pregnant longer this time around than I was with Addisan…YEA! I am 30 pounds lighter due to not being sick with preeclampsia. What a difference that weightloss makes being able to move around with ease. This pregnancy has been different than the last, still with many ups and downs though. From the beginning, this pregnancy has not been the easiest for me. Between the constant throwing up and nauseousness…I thought this is honestly what death must feel like. I threw up in public restaurants to my car….just to name a few locations. By the time September rolled around, my emergency puke bag was officially out of my purse. This was a huge milestone. I look back now and think of those unfortunate moments and realize they are all going to worth it when I hold Campbell for the first time in December. The thought of having another little girl like Addisan warms my heart. I am trying my best to prepare myself not to compare the two girls and let each of them develop into the individuals they were meant to be. But honestly, I hope Campbell has Addisan’s compassion and sense of humor and they grow up not only as sisters, but best friends. I cannot wait to meet Campbell and watch Addisan be the best big sister that I know she can be!

Getting ready for bed at 35 weeks.

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